About Me

Hello, I'm Fee. I was born in Versailles in 1984. Not sure why in Versailles, as we did not live in Versailles at the time, however it looks good on the passport! My brother and sister were born not long afterwards, at which point we moved to Co. Cork in Ireland. We spent an amazing few years there, until I turned six, at which point we moved to the Grenoble area, in the French Alps. This was also a great place to grow up in so many ways! When it came to leaving secondary school, I decided to go and study law in the UK, and apart from a year in Paris and several months back home after uni, I have now settled here for the foreseeable future. Bristol to be more precise. I am extremely close to my family, especially my brother and sister. I work in law, and have not long returned from maternity leave. I live with my partner, our three year old daughter and baby boy.

Things I Love

My favourite colour is.... Green
My favourite number is... 3
My favourite place to explore is... Italy
My favourite place to go on holiday is... France
I prefer my hair... Brunette (however much I tried to go blonde!), and curly with lots (!) of volume!
My favourite sound... my daughter's giggle
Siblings... My brother and sister truly are the funniest people I know. We are extremely close and I wish we could all live nearer to each other. Although it's nice to have somewhere to stay when we go to Paris ;)

Friends... Friendship is very important to me, in all shapes and sizes!
My bambini... Motherhood is definitely the hardest journey I have undertaken to date but also the most rewarding. I love sharing it with Barry. I think we make a strong team.
About this Blog

I have always been a creative person. As a child, I tried various types of crafts, from knitting, sewing, jewellery making, pottery, amongst others. Throughout my adult life, I have always wanted to find a creative project I could start and explore, to let my creativity flow. Having always enjoyed writing, as well as loving to read, I got excited about the idea of creating a blog to detail my take on life. So here we are. It is definitely a work in progress but I am very excited about this project which I hope will be long term, and should improve continually with time. Therefore please bear with me, and keep on reading ;)

About the Blog's Name

I chose this blog name because:
  • I am a girl
  • I love green
  • That's pretty much it!
Random Facts About Me
  • I used to speak Gaelic
  • As a child, I wanted to become a hairdresser when I grew up
  • I am considered "petite", measuring up to just 5'2
  • I used to play basketball... Hilarious right?
  • My first 'teddy' was of a lamb called Lamy
  • I was extremely bossy as a toddler
  • I once pushed my sister into a rabbit cage and laughed hysterically... she'll never forget that
  • Did I mention I love green? Always have, when asked what colour room I'd like when I was 3? Green! What was my favourite drink as a child? Green drink (mint syrup to everyone else). What colour is our kitchen (including accessories)? Green. And our bedroom? Green! Sadly, Barry won't let me have any more green rooms in the house... Apparently one can have too much green...
  • I did 14 years of dancing, mostly ballet. I loved it but was never able to do the splits!
  • I trained in athletics - sprint and hurdles. Hurdles were fun, have you ever seen how tall they actually are!? I don't think the scars on my knees ever faded!
  • I wore braces as a teenager
  • I am a very good skier, and a not so good snowboarder, but still greatly enjoy the later
  • I miss hiking in the Alps in the summer, despite constantly moaning about it growing up

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