Sunday, 12 October 2014

An afternoon at Lacock Abbey {photo dairy}

Another weekend, another trip to a National Trust site. My annual pass is getting a lot of usage, and was a great birthday present I must say! This weekend, we went to Lacock Abbey (and yes, the childish, French person that I am, I always think to myself "it's not La, it's Le"...). Barry drives through this beautiful village everyday for work. Lacock is set in rural Wiltshire, and the village is famous for its picturesque streets, historic buildings and more recently as a TV and film location (including Harry Potter films!). You may find more information on the Abbey here. We had previously walked around the village, but this time we specifically visited the Abbey. During our visit, we walked through the grounds, the woodland, the cloisters as well as the rooms of the Victorian lodgings above the former nunnery. We even got to see the exhibition "The personal world of the Victorian lady", which included all details of their outfits (always my favourite, I am a secret history geek!).



Have you visited Lacock and it's Abbey? If so what was your favourite part? Do you have any National Trust sites near you? Which one is your favourite?
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